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Nemrut Dag – The Mountain of the gods

Sanctuary and mega mausoleum on Mount Nemrut Dag is one of the most famous attractions of Turkey and the main sanctuary of the ancient kingdom of Commagene. Pictures of huge heads and offer to go on tour to Nemrut Dag can be found in almost any travel agency in Turkey.

The Mayan Calendar

The existence of a mysterious ancient civilizations calendar was presented Jose Arguelles in his book “The Mayan Factor.” This knowledge of the ancient “people” part came to us through the millennia. The prediction says, the fourth era of the twenty-first of the Sun ends in December 2013, at this time on earth will happen many [...]

The Egyptian Calendar

Egyptian civilization arose on the banks of the Nile about 6000 years ago. The state was one of the richest and most powerful in the ancient world. His wealth and the very existence of Egypt was obliged to the great river – the Nile, or rather its annual flooding, leave the fields fertile silt. This [...]