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Secrets of the Great Wall of China

First, that the astronaut N. Armstrong saw a shiny globe with the spacecraft “Apollo 11″ were the Great Wall and the dam, built off the coast of Holland. The Great Wall is the most magnificent ancient Chinese military fortifications and one the world’s longest construction in the history of architecture.

SOPA and PIPA – the bills that shook the world

We have all been eye witnesses of ongoing protest about two bills which weresupposed to be voted on January 24th, 2012 by the Senate of USA; Not many of the people who have signed the petition know the content of the bill which has been public on several web-page through weeks; However what everyone can [...]

2012 – a year of dragon (myth or reality)

Welcome everyone into the world of fantasy of myths and legends where heroes have faced mighty armies armed only with their sword, their shield and their courage.