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The most “delicious” museums of the world

Travelling is such an amazing thing. Wherever you go and whichever country you visit in Europe or beyond it, you will realize that each trip opens up new horizons in a local culture, art, architecture and of course the food. Once you get on a new spot, you start to get acquainted with the native [...]

Taj Mahal

The majestic, divine, radiant, and, despite its 74-meter height, a light and airy, which is like a fantastic dream, raises in the valley of the river Yamuna the TajMahal – the most beautiful architectural creation of India and, perhaps, the whole earth. High in the sky rushing white marble domes – one large and four [...]

Global cooling on the earth

Global atmospheric temperatures have been declining for over a decade. So what has changed? CO2 concentrations continue to increase yet temperatures have been falling since 2002? Polar ice is growing. Storm intensity is in decline. One reason may be that solar activity is at the lowest level in almost a Century.