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Italy – Mysterious Wonderland

The gardens of the Villa d’Este had a profound influence on the development of garden design throughout Europe. They are among the earliest and finest of the giardinidellemeraviglie and symbolize the flowering of Renaissance culture. Its innovative design along with the architectural components in the garden (fountains, ornamental basins, etc.) makes this a unique example [...]


There are thousands of rumors spreading out about upcoming disaster which is supposed to happen on December 21, 2012. Based on the stories which are easy to be found in Google with simply typing the word “2012″, people started to panic how they should survive from the catastrophe. There are books, impressive movies with special [...]

Temple of Artemis

The history reveals the two different stories of goddess Artemis, which from time to time mistakenly is considered to be same worshiping goddess. However, The Ephesus Goddess Artemis, sometimes called Diana was a goddess of fertility and was often pictured as draped with eggs, or multiple breasts, symbols of fertility, from her waist to her [...]