Vanished civilization – Lemuria

8 Vanished civilization   Lemuria

Sunken civilization of Atlantis was discovered by great Plato. Speaking frankly, he has created a brand and brought unfading glory to this ancient continent. Lemuria was considerably less fortunate.There were not much weighty words spoken in defense of her. However, there exists a witness who affirms unequivocally that Lemuria was not fiction! And this witness is not a person but Easter Island itself.
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Bibliotheca Alexandrina

7 Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Probably every educated person heard about one of the most famous libraries – Bibliotheca Alexandrina, as they called it the ancient Greeks and Egyptians – with which Alexander has become a place of pilgrimage of the greatest minds of the world, not only in ancient times, but in our time.
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Minoan Labyrinth

11 Minoan Labyrinth

In 1900, the 48-year-old Englishman Arthur Evans began excavations on the island of Crete. Much more than a case of science, former correspondent of the newspaper “Manchester Guardian” was inspired by the heroes of Greek myths and lines from the “Odyssey”: “The island of Crete is in the middle of the wine-colored sea … one can hear different languages there: Pelasgians, in Knossos living … There really was a King Minos … ” and so much other. Homer had once helped archeology: Heinrich Schliemann, using the “Iliad” as a “guide”, has managed to dig up Troy and Mycenae.

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